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We can help your customers with signup / purchase process as well as answer product or service questions. We can also work on ad-hoc basis and assist during times of high volume like product launch or running promotional campaigns.
We can upsell as well as soft sell during a live chat conversation and our previous experience shows a positive increase in ROI when using Live Chat Service for Sales Support.

Here’s why live chat appeals to shoppers.

This type of support is specifically helpful during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Christmas holiday seasons! You can get live chat support for a temporary period or opt for a long term collaboration, no contracts needed whatsoever!
We can help you gather sales leads for follow up later, this may include Name, Email address and their phone number. We can also setup pre-chat survey to collect important information based on your need.
Several businesses ask us to work as a front line receptionist, just taking down details for follow up later. We use Google Sheets, Google Forms as well as are comfortable with working with any CRM or system you require.
Our Live Chat system allows us to setup a set number of questions before visitor begins Live Chat with Support Agent as well as we can proactively engage visitors based on specific conditions.


Prefer speaking with a human to filling out a form? call corporate office and we will connect you with a team member who can help.